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Friday, November 27, 2009

The End - The Beginning "After Eden"

ARTIST: Dan Lietha

The lives of a Freelance Artist & an Author

(click on the image to view this larger)
I thought this was so funny. This is from of Will Eisner's books. This sums up a lot of what can happen during the process of books being published. lol.

But generally speaking, some authors can be so specific about what they want in all areas of feeling, emotion, composition, etc. and can really help an artist view what they'd like to portray visually. But sometimes there can be a struggle. I've had both instances happen to me.

So yeah... sometimes things will run "perfect & smoothly"; other times, "difficult & unclear". Either way, I'll ask for direction & favor with the client from God through prayer and/or just give thanks to God for supplying me with the ability to do so.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Well, here's a digital one. lol. I know.. I know... Justin Peters seems to be my main subject of drawing lately. hee-hee. I just wanted to see a finished & colored look on him. Though.. I know it's just a "Face-Only". This one is more of an illustration, less of a caricature. I only had a little-bit of time to kill.. until I hear back from one of my clients. So here's Justin in full-color. I'm just showing the range here.. so that others can see what a difference a highlight can make on a drawing.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Birthday Gig

Here's a couple of caricatures from 2 days ago I did at a Birthday. Believe it or not.. I was trying out the "Black Crayola" marker to do these. The only thing I don't like about it.. is that is smears.. so you've gotta be careful when your hand pans over the paper.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

9th Commandment Book - updated

Some color has been added. :)

Lar's Training PT 1.

This is Lar (the one who is speaking in the vidoe below).. This is just an old digital painting I did of him that I did a long time ago on my website. Lar was my very 1st digital subject! I'm posting it here so you know who's in the video. :D
Watch as Lar demonstrates how to draw retail-style caricatures for beginning artists. There are more of these videos online. :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ISCA Convention - another video

Another video.
Disregard a bleep of bad language in this one. Joe Bluhm needs to wash his mouth out with soap! >:0(
So, anyways here's part of the gang.. Keelan speaking at the beginning.
Joe, Marlo, Glenn, Jason & the asian guys winning a ton of awards as always. lol.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Evolutionist

This was so funny.. I had to re-post it. :) LOL.

Artwork by: Richard Gunther

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quick 6 minutte sketch.

This was a quick 6 minute sketch of Justin Peters. @ Ter: I know you asked me in an earlier post of Justin Peters of why I took it down.. and it was because I wasn't satisfied with it.. and wanted to draw him again. He didn't ask me to take it down. lol. ;D Anyway, for those who don't know Justin. I have some videos of him below if you scroll down to one of the earlier blogs or click here. He was out here in Australia not too long ago.. and it was awesome to meet him. He was a very kind & godly loving man. He's lives for Christ & pleads with people to open up their eyes to discernment.
P.S. My computer has been down. So, I've been catching up with cleaning up my office, house, etc. Sorry for the lack of art! lol. I'm getting back to work now soon... and shall have more to share. :) yaay!

ISCA Caricature Convention 09'

It would have been cool to go to the ISCA Caricature Convention. Last week it was in Sandusky Ohio. Look at how these talented artists bonding together like Caricture-Geeks do! How fun!

I see a lot of people here that I know... and some I do not recognize. haha.. my Caricature Disney boss, Keelan is at 3:59 sitten next to Kenny. The groups I recognize from Japan are all there too! eww.. this must've been so much fun! I love just sittin' around with a a bunch of artists! B.t.w. They don't just sit around.. they do competitions too, attend seminars & win prizes! Enjoy the small taste you see here. :)
It's sooo inspiring! WOW!!!