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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Monday, February 05, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markell

Prince Harry and Meghan Markell Caricature

Buy them here! --> Royal Wedding Million Dollar Bills (Tracts)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Thursday, October 27, 2016

R.I.P. Jack Chick

• Jack T. Chick is known to have sold more copies of his comic books over any other artist in the world since 1960. Over 750 million have been sold. And you can find them at at 17¢ a piece.

• Jack Chick, a controversial California-based evangelist who used comic books to spread the gospel, died Sunday at the age of 92, according to a note on his Facebook page: “Brothers and Sisters in Christ: Brother Jack Chick passed away Sunday evening, October 23, peacefully in his sleep. He was 92.” 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mommy & Kiara Grace

Here's an updated photo of me and my little girl Kiara at a wedding we attended earlier in the month. Isn't she getting so big? She is now 9 months old! My.. how the days have flown by! 

The Stampek Family Update - David, Esly, Kiara, Angel & Snuggles!

okay.. so ever since I had my lovely daughter on the 5th of June.. she has been such a darling. She's also been a handful.. and my life has been overwhelming busy now. This is basically how life has been since she's arrived. lol. She is now nearly walking (without hands) and just turned 9 months old yesterday. 

My dog, "Angel" adores her. My cat, "Snuggles" is petrified of her & her screaming... hee-hee. And David & I are just trying to cope making sure she doesn't put the wrong things in her mouth. She's had 2 teeth since she was 4 months old.. and she is finally getting two of her top teeth very soon! 

Jason Aldean - Digital Caricature

Here's a "Jason Aldean" digital caricature I did for a Gospel Tract. It was fun drawing this one! Even though at the time I didn't even know who he was. I had to watch a few videos of him before actually getting this looking the way I wanted it.

So this was basically created for the "FRONTIER DAYS" Event that happened - July 19-28 in Cheyenne, Wyoming which is the BIGGEST rodeo in the world! Even though mostly those with a "western" culture attend, all walks and cultures visit Cheyenne to attend this event.

This can now be purchased at

Jole Olsteen - Digital Caricature

Here's a Joel Osteen drawn for a gospel tract that was given out at an event a while back ago.

You can now purchase it flipped the other way.. lol... on the million on Justin Peter's Website
by clicking here --->

Wedding Caricature Gig

Well, I know it feels like a century since I posted artwork.. so out of the blue.. I figured I'd try to catch up on some things I've done.

This was just a gig I did for a wedding earlier in the year. Though I wasn't able to take enough photos of the work I did mainly because I was the only artist.. and there was a heck of a line to get done. lol. 


This couple (below) didn't get on my list to get a caricature in time.. so they emailed me & they were able to get one via-email. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Last Minute Panic - Calvin & Hobbes

Well, being that this fits the occasion, I thought I'd post it. :)

Being pregnant & working at the same time is not easy. Especially, when you have to stay active & have a job like mine where you must sit at the computer constantly, draw & sit for ages. When I saw this, it made me think.. this is EXACTLY how it can feel to do freelance work. You have to be in the right mood.. (well, at least I do!)

And being pregnant.. your mood is constantly changing & your hormones are all over the place. So sometimes working on artwork can seem like a distant impossible thing. Up until the deadline comes close.. Then, it's like all of the sudden your brain turns into gear & you're creative lightbulb turns on! haha. It's a funny thing really how that happens. This is definitely my life in the next few weeks. I have to get so much work done before the baby decides to pop-out. And slowly but surely time is ticking & slowly diminishing.. before I'll be a full-time parent & my work will have to come to a stand-still for a while. agh! I'd better get to work! Have a nice day! :D

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mel Johnson - Casting Director

I got an order from an old boss of mine from "Universal Studios" when I used to work as a "Casting Assistant" back in 1995! A total blast from the past! I feel very old now. lol. He wanted to get a 'Realistic' digital black & white caricature - something different! :)
Here's his website:

Princess Priscilla

Here's a Caricature I did for my little niece, "Priscilla Joyce". She's ultra adorable! She loves pink & her birthday that's coming up is a "Cinderella theme" this year. She's a total girly-girl! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Anniversary Caricature - Digital

Here's a fun caricature I got to draw for an anniversary couple. The guy is a builder & loves driving his excavator, loves wine & his black cows. The lady loves to cook & they both have a family with 2 boys & 2 girls.. so I implemented a generic family photo on the wall. Whenever she cooks he says what's written in the speech bubble there. 

(All of this was completed using Photoshop & Painter)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Wellington Village - Caricature Gig

Here's a few pics I thought I'd share from a gig I drew at 2 days ago. Sadly, I was only able to take a few pictures of my work due to the HIGH demand of people that were there. The Line I had of people wanting to get drawn was so giant. But at least I was able to take a few. 
(Above Pic): This was the sign for the event.
(Above Pic): Here's a Dirt-Biker kid
(Above Pic): And a 'Surfin Kid'
(Above Pic): Here were two 'Basketball Pros' on the same. I thought the kid on the
right was so funny. I love how his eyes dissappeared when he smiled. 

(Above Pic): Yaay, that's me - Sketch Artist in blue. Of course the place paid me.. 
but it was free for the people walking around. :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Mel Johnson C.S.A. - Casting Director

This here is Casting Director, "Mel Johnson". I used to intern for him back in 1995 for a couple of years which eventually led me to work for him in as a 'Casting Assistant' in my teen years as I was trying to find my way in what I wanted to do for my career. It was a blast working in that field.. meeting all the upcoming celebrities.

Anyway, I drew this AGES ago! Probably someplace around 16 years ago?? I'm not sure. I honestly don't even remember drawing this. But anyway, Mel recently asked if I could color it for him after alllllllllll this time.. and so I did. I really can't believe he kept the drawing for so long. lol. But I thought it was so cool! It's interesting too.. to go over super-old artwork too! And it even inspired me to possibly do more pencil drawings in the future for fun! :)

So if you are ever looking for a cast of actors for roles in a film or commercial.. just Contact Mel Johnson & he'll do the job.

►Mel Johnson C.S.A.
(407) 353-2034 
(Based at Universal Studios - Orlando, Florida)

In addition to that, you may want to ask him about the 'cold-reading' seminar workshops he teaches as well.

Friday, February 01, 2013

My Stampek Baby @ 21 weeks!

Okay.. so I guess the pregnancy pains are worth the trouble.. knowing that this little one is in my tummy. hee-hee! I know all will be worth it once she is out! So this here is the latest video on the little baby in my womb.. my precious daughter, whom I've already named, "Kiara Grace Stampek". I was very surprised she'd be a girl.. because most of everyone I know was guessing a boy. lol. ;D But they were all wrong! haha. Anyway, she's only 4 months away from being in my arms. Can't wait! May the Lord help me to guide her as she enters into this world. Enjoy the video!

And don't forget to watch -->

"Penn Jillette" Caricature

Who is "Penn Jillette" you ask? This guys background is that he had or has a show called, "Penn and Teller's.. ****-****" on Showtime. I have never watched his show.. (with a name like that) but I know enough about him & his views.

He is highly intelligent. Doesn't drink, smoke, is married, has a strong family life & lives a pretty decent life.The MAJOR difference between this Atheist & MANY others is that he is not AT ALL bothered when Christians witness to him about how to get saved. In fact, he says that if they truly believe that he is going to hell without Jesus, then he'd actually be OFFENDED if they didn't witness to him. That it would mean they didn't care about him and would be the ultimate insult.

His words were:
"If Christians don’t warn others about what they believe, then they are truly being hateful."

So, to the Christian, he's such a likable person.. mainly because he understands that important main concept about Evangelism!

He seems to understand Christianity more then some Christians that I know.. Amazing! So.. hoping he'll come to know truth some day. He really does seem like another nice guy.. that just needs to gets saved.
Anyway, here is the 'rough-sketch' I drew of him...

And here is the final painted version...

Don't forget to watch!!! -->

"Christopher Hitchens" (Author & Atheist) - Caricature

I painted this one Digitally in 'Corel Painter' also. But it was 1st sketched out with pencil on paper.

About "Christopher Hitchens": He just died recently last year of cancer. He drank a LOT of alcohol & smoked a LOT of cigarettes when he was alive. And when he found out he had cancer he said he didn't regret any of those habits he had at all.

He's a famous author & atheist who is most known for trying to disprove God, the Bible, heaven & hell through his books... such as, "God is not great: How Religion Poisons Everything", etc.

Many believed & hoped that he'd have a change of heart & get saved on his death bed.. but even waaaay before he knew he was going to die his words were:

"I would not do such a pathetic thing while I am lucid. I could be quite sure of that, and if there are any rumors saying otherwise.... Don't believe it."

Isn't that so sad? This guy had a STRONG hatred for God too. His quotes & views toward God were unbelievable! And sadly he had a large following of college students. I'm praying that the infiltration he created in many minds will be undone.
So this one here is the rough-sketch I drew of him...

And this one here is the final painted version.

Don't forget to watch!!! -->

"Bill Nye - The Science Guy" Caricature

okay.. so, I Digitally Painted this in 'Corel Painter'
About "Bill Nye": He used to have his own show on PBS for years & years.. and he finally moved on to other things. Apparently he has recently stirring up a lot of Christians by some stuff he recently said about how "Creationism" Is Not Appropriate For Children. So at the moment he is in the spotlight. If you're a Christian reading this, please pray for this man. He needs it. And if you're not, please take a closer look at the truth that Bill Nye is avoiding.

This one here was the 'rough sketch' I drew.

And since the body wasn't needed because of what this will be used for.. I got rid of the body & just painted up his face. So, this is the final version.

And don't forget to watch -->

Friday, January 11, 2013

My 1st Pregnancy Pains!

Okay.. yesterday & the day before were the worst 2 days of PAIN PREGNANCY so far! lol. :P WOW! Phew! I'm so exhausted! 

The 1st day.. was the evil Dentist pain... (Extreme weeping & gnashing of teeth). It was like walking into the valley of death going there. No joke! Ask my husband! lol. :P And for the entire day.. I was out of it due to the distraction of irritation, sensitivity & discomfort.

And the 2nd day.. was insane gross constipation.. unlike anything I've ever felt! I found that this was normal among 30-40% of pregnant woman. I thought I would have to go to the hospital or something.. cause the pain of bloating was so severe! But I think now, after 6 hours of constant running to the bathroom - I've come to feel a bit better. I've been drinking water like mad, so have been keeping myself hydrated.

At the moment I'll ONLY be having fiber-filled foods.. such as fruit & veggies & will be exercising more often then I have been. And most importantly praying for the Lord's sovereign hand to comfort me & keep my baby healthy during this time. If you are a Christian reading this.. please agree with me in Prayer.. I'd totally appreciate it! :) And if you're an atheist.. I guess, wish well for me? lol. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

My Stampek Baby @ 14 and a 1/2 weeks!

And here's a look at our Stampek Baby on the way! This was at 14 & a 1/2 weeks! :)My It was kinda funny... because before making the video.. the baby was moving like crazy!!! But then when I went to shoot the video.. the baby just laid there. I guess it's camera shy? lol. Also, in the video.. it looked like the baby had a hiccup. You'll see what I mean when you look closely. lol.

Christmas Time - December 2012

Well, here are a few of the photos we took during Jesus's Birthday! This was just a centerpiece I came up with for one of the many Church tables. A few of the ladies each made a different one.
Here's an updated photo of my husband David & I.
And Yep! Here's me & my baby on board slowly being revealed! Look out! :D (16 weeks) - 23rd December 2012
Here's us again and the baby showing a bit more! :) I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl! :)

Anniversary Caricature - John & Jennifer Scott

This one was from a long time ago (sometime last year I believe) of my very good faithful friend, "Jennifer & John Scott". But I figured I'd post it... cause I'm not sure if I ever did! :P They make a great couple don't ya think? :)
Also, just in case if you've wondered why I don't post as much here.. it's because I'm always posting my stuff on FB. Check out my Zoom Toonz page if you so desire.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This was for Ray Comfort's new documentary on the Beatles called: "GENIUS - The Movie"
I stretched the caricatures more then usual. And had fun doing so. I'm generally more of a portraity artist.. so it was a bit of a challenge.. but I enjoyed it immensely. :)
It a chilling new movie based on the life and tragic murder of John Lennon, Morality and God. December 8th was the 31st anniversary of the death of John Lennon. Check out the intriguing 32 minute movie on Lennon by Ray Comfort. It will answer questions like, “Did John Lennon believe in evolution?” and many more. GENIUS also reveals what people will do for $$$ money. There are ordinary people out there who would kill you. All they need is the right amount of money and the 'belief' that they won't get caught.

Watch it here.. online for free!!!

Disney's - Name Works

Okay, I know I haven't been around for ages! But there's a mighty good reason for it! I've been working like crazy! And also being a wife & an evangelist full-time. :) So there's rarely time to blog all that much. Anyway back to this post, this is a new trend out at Disney that my old boss, "Keelan" just opened up about a year ago called, "Name Works! "YOUR NAME AS A WORK OF ART!" He has been encouraging me & keeping me posted on the latest that's going on out there.. so I can be ready for action when the time comes for me to move back to my homeland. So, I figured I'd listen & get on the ball with learning how to draw them just in case the Lord leads me to go back & work at Disney again. So I've been learning off of my other colleagues in how to form up these NW things. And my! I've got to say they are a lot of hard-work! Hopefully, if I must move back I'll get the hang of it. These were basically a test for someone who needed some for Christmas.. to see if I could conjure them up somehow. And wah-lah.. here's how they came out. This first one says, "MR. GREENWOOD". I was running out of room with the "O" & "D" at the end.. so I merged the letters into the globe.
For "CHLOE" her Mom wanted all horses.. which is generally a lot more difficult when it's all the same theme. But I managed somehow? ;)
And lastly, we have "MICHAEL" in all robots. Another hard one.. but fun at the same time.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

iPad Sketching at the Mall

I know I haven't posted anything in quite sometime. Mainly cause FB has sort of taken over all my posts. So anyway, I figured I'd throw something on here finally. lol. :P Here's a couple of sketches I did at the mall recently on my iPad. These were drawn with my finger. I actually would've had more to post.. but I accidentally saved over them. *Note to self* Always 'export' drawings to Camera Roll so I don't save over an old drawing. :P

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Stampek Family!

Well, I figured it was time to do an updated one of me & my humble little family. lol. I just got some new markers in the mail & figured I'd have a go at using them. I love the way they work! And.. I hope to get faster at using them so I can apply it when I work at live events. Below is me, my cat "Snuggles", my husband "David" and our dog "Angel". ;)

Caricature Gig at Montsalvat in Eltham, Australia

I got invited to do a caricature gig at this incredibly gorgeous place recently.. and I couldn't help but take photos to share! So classy, elegant & picture perfect! :) This building was: "The Great Hall" - You can see some of the bridal party gathering.
The married couple would leave on their honeymoon in that car down there.
"The Bluestone Chapel"
Here's a close up of "The Bluestone Chapel"
Looking to the left of the Bluestone Chapel.. takes you to this little creek.
A far shot of the astonishing view
Looking through the trees. For some reason, it reminded me of the "Little Red Riding Hood" storybook. hee-hee. ;D
This was the building I worked in called, "The Long Gallery"
And here are some of the drawings I drew! :) I barely took photos.. cause I was so busy. But luckily there was a photographer by the name of "Lakshal Perera" there who was kind enough to take a few! :)