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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Long Time Out - sorry for that!

whoops.. I totally forgot about my blog. I've been on a month vacation in the U.S. and it was awesome! I enjoyed Sunny-Florida & the bible-belt of Cleveland, Tennessee. David & I had a fabulous time.. and I didn't want it to end. But like all earthly things... things eventually come to an end.

Also, I heard that Corey Haimes died at the age of 38. Don't miss heaven! Seek the Lord while you have the gift of breath.

I've been giving a lot of my time to Facebook lately.. mainly because that's how I can keep in touch with my family, friends & see photos and what not. If it weren't for them.. I'd probably only be posting here on the blog.

Anyways.. I missed a few people while I was in Florida... and it was either cause they themselves were working.. or because David & I were enjoying our time in themeparks or with family. So I apologize for anyone I didn't get to see. Not that any of those ppl ever come to my blog.. (they spend their time over in FB).