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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vacationing in Queensland

Yeah.. so, I just got back from visiting Queensland for a week in 2 different places. "The Gold Coast" & "The Sunshine Coast". It was nice a theme-parkish, beachy, warm, (sort of wanna-be Miamish-Orlando, Florida) type feel. It was nice. I didn't want to leave to return here to Cold-Freezing Melbourne, Australia.

For those who don't know the distance between Melbourne & Queensland in Australia... it's about as far as Florida is from New York in the states. I've made a quick reference of the map so that you could all see. We flew from Melbourne and then drove from one coast to the other.

When I get a moment.. I'll post up some pictures. I took so many photos.. I'm gonna have to sort out the interesting & good ones from the not so good ones. Till then.. I just thought I'd give a quick update.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cartoon (Video)

man.. I really adore ANIMATION being the artist I am. It's ashame though, that so many cartoons have such retarded, immoral and derogratory things in them, that are just currupting the children these days. :p

I love animation... but I've struggled with enjoying them. Let alone enjoying the company of others who 'animate'. Many of their hearts are passionate toward pleasing "man or themselves" instead of "GOD". That's 1 of the reasons I steered away from that crowd. It's just a sad truth. It was hard for me to get away from it, because it's so influential. It's easy to get pulled into an environment like that because of the CAREER you can have, the CREDITS in movies you can have & the guaranteed safety of $$$ money too. Although, it may look comfy & fun.. it's a very dangerous path.

Well, back to this video below.. it's really cool. It's not traditional animation.. but computer animation. All the same, the story is great & gets straight to the point. I wish there were more people out there making toons like this.

In this story, it's a confusion that many people go through. I went through it and it took me a while to wake up from the "false belief" of how a person is supposed to enter into heaven. I praise God for Him revealing the truth. :)

God's answers & truth has always been there.. but I was just never willing to seriously look. I'm so glad I finally did! :)

One thing that they failed to mention to much in this video was that in your prayer to God for salvation, you must not forget to REPENT, TRUST & put YOUR FAITH in JESUS CHRIST in order to seriously make Him, the Lord of YOUR life. (Just thought I'd add that in there)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

H4H (Help for the Hurting)

A quick logo job for a motorcycle ministry.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Scripture Sketches: END TIMES

These are some illustrations I drew up to go along with a sermon that was put together by a friend of mine, (from myspace) Pastor Fred. I thought it would be great.. to visualize what the Bible says in a comic-like way... due to the many people who never even pick up a bible, let alone read about the prophecies that it speaks of (that we are heavily living through right now)

I hope to do more of these in time. Take the time to read, enjoy & absorb what this is trying to express. It means more then just a combination of drawings that were put together. (sorry to be so heavy with ya) ;)

Being that these are posted so small..
you can see them posted LARGER
at this Link here... ((( END TIMES ))) if you so desire.