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Friday, July 30, 2010

Are You A Good Person - Animation by, Cedric Hohnstadt

Oh.. man!! I totally LOVE this animation. I've been so excited waiting patiently for it to come out.. and it's finally here! YAAY! Cedric, an animator friend of mine did this for Living Waters Ministry! It's sooooo mega-cool! Watch it & enjoy!

Embosser Illustration

A DEPICTION OF: "The Holy Spirit","The Cross" & "The World".
This is an Embosser Design I drew up for a brother & sister in Christ - from our old church.

Album Cover - Steve Rowe

okay.. well, this is an album cover I did for a christian metal band. I'm not into metal, nor have I ever.. so this was a bit of a challenge for me. lol. Anyhow, Steve Rowe (owner of Rowe Productions & Wonrowe Vision)generously contacted me(He's also the main Artist of Mortification & Light Force). He had a very precise requested description for me. I posted it below the images. It will give you some definition of what's going on in the artwork.

Description: The front cover is the Robocoptor flying through the air towards like the edge of hell. People are falling in with shock & some standing around like talking & laughing not recognizing the danger. Some see the close danger & are climbing a rope ladder sent down by Robaocotor to rescue them. They are looking across at hell, climbing the ladder relieved that they are being rescued. A big devil is on the left threatening Robocopor but Robocoptor is shooting him with machine gun rounds from his landing pads underneath the copter. That is what he lands on like a normal copter. The background will go off into distant twisted hills. Like this is the last valley of life outside Christ just before death comes. Like rescuing people a few metres from hell just before they die. Characters with Suits, long hairs, punks, woman in dress & heels. Just a Cross section of society. All with 1 last chance to be saved. - Steve Rowe

Living Waters Caricatures (all)

Don't know if I posted ALL of these. I sort of forgot to post some of them.. so, I figured I'd do it all in one hit. These are all the caricatures I got to have the pleasure drawing for 'Way of the Master/Living Waters'. It was a blast to help out. They were all drawn & digitally painted in 'Corel Painter'.