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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

State of Victoria - Bush Fires in Australia

The photos you see here are of what I took with my cell-phone camera...
Right by where I live..

I just thought I'd share some photos on here. I've emailed most of everyone I know.. but I'll post these up for those who I don't have emails of.. or for those of you I know get too many emails.

I'm sure you've heard of all the fires going on over here in Australia on the news. Over 180 + people have died. And a ton of houses have gone up in flames.

Well, believe it or not.. they weren't far from where I'm living now. Very very close actually!

Recently there was a super EXTRRREME MEGA-HOT-DESERT-HEAT-WAVE over here that lasted for about 3 entire days! *Ouch* lol.

It was about 108 degrees Fahrenheit & about 43 degrees celcius. But it felt like 155 with no a/c! Very hard to bear!

During the time we had the 3 days of the intense desert heat wave.. David & I couldn't handle the heat (due to our a/c unit not being very good) and we headed over to his mother's house with our pets.

It's a bit of a funny story. We went over to her house cause it was cooler. While I was there... we were sitting in the living room chatting. David of course was sleeping cause he had to work later that evening to do security. But anyhow.. while David's Mom and I were in the living room..

she said:
"oh look outside! How lovely!
I think the clouds are coming and maybe
the change will come through".

I looked outside... and said
"ah, yeah.. maybe. Hey.. wait a second...
That isn't right. Why are the clouds so orange?"

So.. I went outside to take a look further in the back yard.. and I saw what was really happening! There was like an enormous fire going on! The scary part was..
the winds were super strong.. and going against us. Sort of like what I've felt in a Florida hurricane "wind strong".. but without all the rain, thunder & lightning. It was like a fast hot heater blowing in your face... or like a large hot blow dryer.

Later we could see about 7 helicopters flying close to the surface trying to save people and put out fires.

These photos are all looking out from David's Mom's backyard toward one of her neighbor's houses. The smoke later reached to the horizon of her other neigbor's house on the other side. It was crazy. The sky turned from blue to like a dark orangey & gray color.

The smell outside smelled like burning sulfer. It wasn't very pleasurable. *yuck!* It wasn't anything like a good smelling fireplace at all.

The feeling literally felt like someone was holding hot ovens on the highest heat surrounding you. If you were not under the shade.. the sun rays felt like someone was trying to burn you with a lighter to your skin. It was super hot!

I never knew heat outside could feel that hot anywhere in the world. I know hell is hotter.. I'd hate to feel anything even remotely close to that ever again! Like I said before, I'm so glad I'm saved. Praise God!

The fires have been surrounding us... in certain places. There were a whole bunch of houses & streets burning up in the area we just moved from, in Hampton Park & Narre Warren suburbs. Only 15-20 minutes away!
David had to work for this guy, this past Saturday because the guy that had to initially work.. well, his house caught on fire. I think he's okay. I don't think it was completely burnt to the ground. I guess we'll be finding out later.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

This is what REALLY happened on the HUDSON RIVER!

Artist: Rex Babin

New Artwork

(This isn't all of it) But if ya haven't seen my new artwork yet.. go check it out on my website. Click on the LINK below. It'll take you there.

New ArtWork

I added an animation clip I found floating in my office while I've been unpacking. All I had on my website was some "animated gifs".. but here's one of the actual clips I worked on from the Adam Sandler movie, "8 Crazy Nights". You'll have to have "WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER" installed on your computer to view it. (b.t.w. this link below won't take you to my website.. but to the actual animated clip. Enjoy!)

Animated Clip