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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hollywood Millions!

yaay.. everything's in the works! I have a lot of work to do to catch up with "Paul Clarkson" from New Zealand & "Dale Jackson" from CA.

With the BIG move I just made into a new house.. thing's haven't been as easy to keep up with all my work. I'm still unpacking a whole lot! There's been so much work to do to the house.. and well, I've also been getting in a lot of commission work as well. All the same.. this below is fantastic! They're going to be making a website for specifically the Hollywood Celebrities. The ones I worked on are at both ends on either side below. Marilyn Monroe & Elvis on the left... John Lennon & Steve Irwin on the right. I still have a few that I've done that you don't see here.. like, Heath Ledger, Chris Farley, Leonardo DiCaprio & Dustin Hoffman. I still have 5 that I have to finish up for this set. So.. I have to go now, so I can work on them. I just thought I'd share.

side caricature work

okay.. this one was a request to do a bunch of students in a classroom with the teacher reading a book. I had to draw small versions of @ least 5 of the kids. I don't really enjoy drawing small people caricatures from photos.. but I did the best I could.
This 2nd one has a keyboard teacher with a student singing. The kid's photo.. I don't have. (sorry)

Another teacher.

I didn't really feel like scanning the photo in.. LOL! Takes too long... and I'm a little busy at the moment... the others I got thru via-email. But this one I promise you.. I did a lot better on the likeness then I did on the others. ;D hee-hee.

Below, the likeness was a bit poor on this one.. maybe I could've rounded off the head more.. rather then square it off... but I post these.. so that I can learn from myself... if not, from others. I have to live & learn, try & fail and/or succeed. Not only that but the body situation was a rip-off off of Brian Wright's. I didn't seem to do as well... as my own beach body that I regularly do. Next time.. I'll draw my own version. I have some samples, in some of my earlier posts on here. I just like trying other people's styles... Once in a while.. it's good to get out of your own comfort zone.

This last one I was very happy with. Though, in the photo.. I couldn't see the top of her head... but I managed to make it up. ;) All in all, I was happy.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A 40th b-day gig.

Here's a gig I did a while back ago.. for a 40th birthday of someone's. The main thing that I remember was the EXTREEEEEME-ly LOUD karaoke music that was being blasted next to my ear drum. I thought I'd never hear again! Now, I thought David had taken a lot more photos then the 3 you see here.. but apparantly.. those were other people taking photographs.. lol.

A couple commission

Here's one I did recently. The photos r there just so u can see what they looked like. It was for a wedding photo album. I was almost pleased with this one.. but I saw a lot of my flaws later on. The important thing was that the customer liked it. :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

NCN Convention 2008 - North Carolina

Here's a inside look at the NCN Convention. I obviously couldn't attend.. cause of my distance at the moment. But it was nice for someone to make out a little video of it. I learned of this video off the Tom Richmond blog.

Generally at this convention, there are seminars and workshops on caricature theory, digital illustration, freelance illustration, drawing techniques, exaggeration and even the legal issues that concern caricaturists like “right of publicity” and “The Orphan Works Act”. It's a place of VERY good Resources for any artist. Wish I would have been able to visit.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Couple in Love...

Here goes a fun couple from the states. They've got some serious personality in their expressions for sure! It's a Christmas gift to the wife. So.. I hope she likes it. Well, I'm off to work!

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Last Two of the Six.

This video I made below was directed specifically for the (DISNEY - caricature connection crew) "CC-BLOG" (which is set to private).

But I figured, since I'm talking about "John Lennon" and "Heath Ledger" caricatures... for W.O.T.M. I'd post it here too. That way I could share some of the work that I did with others who may have an "interest in drawing" but - who do not work at "cc".

VIDEO:Small Talk, Overview of John Lennon & Heath Ledger

Eventually, I will share ALL OF THE WORK I did for them, here on my blog.. but I'll wait till it's at least been publlished.

I hope all you artists are having fun at the "NCN" Convention!!!! I wish I could be there!!!! :(

Thanks sooooooooooooo much Terri a.k.a. (ANIMATOR HEAVEN) !!!! For blessing me with the Adobe CS3 program package!!! I STILL can't believe you sent it to me straight from Adobe free of charge. What an ENORMOUS gift!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Back Online.... (yaay!)

I'm back online finally! Hooray! We had some technical difficulties getting the internet hooked up. The guy who was putting in the line hit a water pipe!!!! and well, it was a MESS!!!

There's a housewarming party we're going to soon have.. so, I've been just unpacking more & more & more! Organizing & Reminiscing as I open boxes I haven't opened in like forever since about 3 yrs. ago! I'll have to take some pictures soon and post them. But there's a lot to do! Especially with a housewarming party coming up for about 70 people!!!! *Yikes* That means... a whole lot of cooking is gonna be going on!

Also.. I need to catch up with work. I don't even know if my clients still remember me! I'm a bit behind! :P