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Thursday, September 20, 2007

M&M Esly

Me as an M&M with a little help from M&M dot com, then tweaked & redone freehand in photoshop.

just a quick sketch..

I really think the kangaroos in Aus. are cute! I thought I'd do a quick pencil sketch of one.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


This is an old friend of mine from back in the day when I was in my young teens. She found me over on my myspace a while back. And she seems to have a liking for that comic/manga type look. So I thought I'd try something new & different & draw her. I sketched her on paper first.. than cleaned it up in photoshop.. and this is what came about! :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Drawing for Church

This is a drawing I did for a flyer at my church, "The Church of the Living Word". They're doing a special movie documentry of a guy named, "Bill Wiese". I have a link of his testimony on my myspace blog. It's called, "23 Minutes in Hell". It's really mind-blowing. Here's the link.. Esly's Blog on MySpace

David & Esly Stampek

I've ruined the surprise. oh well.
This is my "Thank You" card drawing for all of those that attended my wedding. :)
I appreciated everyone's attendance & I miss everyone of you! *sniffle* you will be remembered always!

It was fun to draw. All of it was done in pencil & no computer help this time.