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Friday, July 24, 2009

Eric Lopez

Okay.. for those of you that don't know.. this is Eric Lopez, a friend of mine from my spanish church I attended from when I was a kid. I knew him when he was like 8 years old (maybe younger) onto later when we grew up to be teenagers. Later, as I grew-up I stopped going there.. (cause #1 it was harder for me to understand spanish back then & #2 I wasn't saved.. I was just another church-goer who used to go through the motions of the religion.) Now, I thankfully can say God gracefully saved me & I have a relationship with Him. Yaay. :)

Eric sang at my wedding back in 07'. He looks so serious in this photo... but he's got a really fun joyful personality. I can't believe how he's grown up so much. He was always singing in church & I was always drawing. lol.

Looks like God saw our hearts.. and allowed us to maintain those gifts. :) This video below is ALL IN SPANISH.. Eric is a singer, songwriter & producer.

so if you don't know spanish you won't know what's being said. But basically Eric's album came out and he's speaking about how God has a divine plan for our lives.. but we must look to Him for it. (at the end.. the song he's singing.. has some English in it... that you can hear.) Eric produces songs in english as well. His Genre is Espiritu Latino/Christian Latin Pop.

Here's one of his music videos.. "Tu Eres" ("You Are..")

and here's one more!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kerry Hodgkinson - Reverendfun.Com

LOL! hee-hee!Copyright Gospel Communications International, Inc -

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gig on the weekend

Well, I'm not gonna post all the caricatures I did mainly.. cause I feel I didn't do a great job. I'm a little rusty. okay.. I'm a lot rusty! But at least I made an attempt right? lol. I mainly only drew faces only. I did draw about 3 face & bodies.. but failed to take photos of them. *sorry* It was a busy night!

I really enjoyed this couple. They had great personalities and were fun to talk to. They also caused for a great response photo shot! lol. :)

"Little Annabel". There weren't very many children at all sadly. I love drawing children. Cause #1 they're easy to draw. lol. and #2 they are so adorable!

Sorry for the bad shots of these. With this one.. I wasn't too dissapointed with how I drew it. It came out alright I guess.

This one below was fun to draw. I wasn't lazy coloring in the hair this time. It makes an enormous difference with likeness if you remember to color in the hair dark if your subject has dark hair. Though sometimes it can slow you down if there's a line and use up your entire marker too.

See, with this one.. I didn't color in her hair nor the guy's.. therefore.. lacks a bit of likeness in my opinion.. but they liked it.. and that's what matters most.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Book Cover is all Done

okay.. well, the book's all done. Hope everyone likes it. Dale did a nice job on the effects, background, colors and binder. yay! Man he's talented. I'm eager to go get one off the bookshelves and add it to my library collection. I can't believe I'm keeping up with all the books I've been purchasing. YES.. I still purchase drawing books of course! But I need a break from drawing every now and then to feed my soul.. if you know what I mean!
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