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Friday, February 01, 2013

"Bill Nye - The Science Guy" Caricature

okay.. so, I Digitally Painted this in 'Corel Painter'
About "Bill Nye": He used to have his own show on PBS for years & years.. and he finally moved on to other things. Apparently he has recently stirring up a lot of Christians by some stuff he recently said about how "Creationism" Is Not Appropriate For Children. So at the moment he is in the spotlight. If you're a Christian reading this, please pray for this man. He needs it. And if you're not, please take a closer look at the truth that Bill Nye is avoiding.

This one here was the 'rough sketch' I drew.

And since the body wasn't needed because of what this will be used for.. I got rid of the body & just painted up his face. So, this is the final version.

And don't forget to watch -->

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