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Friday, February 01, 2013

"Penn Jillette" Caricature

Who is "Penn Jillette" you ask? This guys background is that he had or has a show called, "Penn and Teller's.. ****-****" on Showtime. I have never watched his show.. (with a name like that) but I know enough about him & his views.

He is highly intelligent. Doesn't drink, smoke, is married, has a strong family life & lives a pretty decent life.The MAJOR difference between this Atheist & MANY others is that he is not AT ALL bothered when Christians witness to him about how to get saved. In fact, he says that if they truly believe that he is going to hell without Jesus, then he'd actually be OFFENDED if they didn't witness to him. That it would mean they didn't care about him and would be the ultimate insult.

His words were:
"If Christians don’t warn others about what they believe, then they are truly being hateful."

So, to the Christian, he's such a likable person.. mainly because he understands that important main concept about Evangelism!

He seems to understand Christianity more then some Christians that I know.. Amazing! So.. hoping he'll come to know truth some day. He really does seem like another nice guy.. that just needs to gets saved.
Anyway, here is the 'rough-sketch' I drew of him...

And here is the final painted version...

Don't forget to watch!!! -->

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