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Friday, January 11, 2013

My 1st Pregnancy Pains!

Okay.. yesterday & the day before were the worst 2 days of PAIN PREGNANCY so far! lol. :P WOW! Phew! I'm so exhausted! 

The 1st day.. was the evil Dentist pain... (Extreme weeping & gnashing of teeth). It was like walking into the valley of death going there. No joke! Ask my husband! lol. :P And for the entire day.. I was out of it due to the distraction of irritation, sensitivity & discomfort.

And the 2nd day.. was insane gross constipation.. unlike anything I've ever felt! I found that this was normal among 30-40% of pregnant woman. I thought I would have to go to the hospital or something.. cause the pain of bloating was so severe! But I think now, after 6 hours of constant running to the bathroom - I've come to feel a bit better. I've been drinking water like mad, so have been keeping myself hydrated.

At the moment I'll ONLY be having fiber-filled foods.. such as fruit & veggies & will be exercising more often then I have been. And most importantly praying for the Lord's sovereign hand to comfort me & keep my baby healthy during this time. If you are a Christian reading this.. please agree with me in Prayer.. I'd totally appreciate it! :) And if you're an atheist.. I guess, wish well for me? lol. 

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