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Friday, February 01, 2013

"Christopher Hitchens" (Author & Atheist) - Caricature

I painted this one Digitally in 'Corel Painter' also. But it was 1st sketched out with pencil on paper.

About "Christopher Hitchens": He just died recently last year of cancer. He drank a LOT of alcohol & smoked a LOT of cigarettes when he was alive. And when he found out he had cancer he said he didn't regret any of those habits he had at all.

He's a famous author & atheist who is most known for trying to disprove God, the Bible, heaven & hell through his books... such as, "God is not great: How Religion Poisons Everything", etc.

Many believed & hoped that he'd have a change of heart & get saved on his death bed.. but even waaaay before he knew he was going to die his words were:

"I would not do such a pathetic thing while I am lucid. I could be quite sure of that, and if there are any rumors saying otherwise.... Don't believe it."

Isn't that so sad? This guy had a STRONG hatred for God too. His quotes & views toward God were unbelievable! And sadly he had a large following of college students. I'm praying that the infiltration he created in many minds will be undone.
So this one here is the rough-sketch I drew of him...

And this one here is the final painted version.

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