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Saturday, June 19, 2010

News Article.

Our friend Tim Gardner, (who is another former caricature colleague & friend of the 'caricature connection' team) found this article of Michele's accident. The story basically clarifies the events.

Friday, June 18, 2010

In Memory of Michele Nichols - R.I.P. (28 years old)

Shocking Sad News from my old job. :( A friend of mine just passed away last night.

I'm glad I got to see her one last time on my last visit earlier this year about 3 1/2 months ago. Though, it was so short. Here are some photos I got to take with her & some of the other cc'rs (Caricature Connection Team).
When she started over at CC... it was always fun to work with her & at gigs too. She was always so honest & kind to everyone around her. And always light up the room. She'll be greatly missed.
This is a photo of Michele, Mike Duron & LuAndra at a caricature gig.
Below was the memo I our boss, Keelan Parham, from Disney wrote:
CC Gang...

I just don't know what to say.

A few hours ago I received a phone call from a former CCer, Laura Bonacquisti. Barbie and I have been reeling in disbelief for the last few hours. Laura, you see, was a former roommate and very close friend of beloved CC Lead Michele Nichols. If you've caught the national News today, you know that a small plane went down late last night in Minnesota. Michele was on that plane.

She did not survive. Her family graciously asked Laura to contact us and Michele's entire CC family. Michele was our newest, and proudest CC Lead, and an amazing, incredible artist. But beyond that, she was an amazing, incredible person. I am so glad to know that she was a fellow born again Christian and I have the assurance of seeing her again soon.

Laura has promised to keep us all updated on the funeral arrangements. Barbie and I are absolutely shellshocked. Our condolences go out to her entire family, especially her Dad, our friend Randy Nichols.

Randy was the music leader at a church Barbie and I attended for a few years and an all around amazing, gifted musician. I will never forget being at a gig at the Grand Floridian a few years ago, when Randy jumped off the stage ( he was there with his band, performing) after a set was done, and proceeded to make his way to where we were set up drawing caricatures. It was a large event, and we had many artists there. He spoke to someone, and they referred him to me. Not recognizing me from church, he asked how someone got a job doing this, drawing caricatures. He told me he had a daughter that was a really good artist. I gave him my name and number, but figured I would never hear anything back from it.

Two months or less later, his daughter, Michele, started at CC. I will never forget her smile, her rapport with guests, her spirit. After several years with us, it was obvious that Michele was one of the best and brightest CC had ever had the chance to work with. So her promotion to "Lead" status was long overdue. She seemed so proud of becoming a Lead, and we were so happy to have her in that capacity. I only wish it had lasted longer.

Everytime Barbie or Ted does the schedule, they will miss her. Everytime I work a gig, I'll be looking for her to come around the corner.

We love you, Michele.

We will see you soon.

Daniel & Terri's Anniversary Caricature

Here are 2 of my very good brother & sister's in Christ, "Daniel & Terri".
I hand drew this & colored it with 'watercolor paints'. This month of June is their Anniversary!
These two are gems! They are overly generous people who I was blessed to have met since about 3 years ago. I think for as long as I've been out here in Australia. Terri has been a very loving godly woman who's not only a prayer warrior but a friend who is always looking to help lift someone else up & give them encouragement through their lives. She & her husband are 2 of a kind. They are always willing to give a helping hand & boldly claim Jesus as Lord & Savior of their lives. Daniel is a computer scientist. I call him a computer genius. Terri is also a home-making sewing machine expert, singer, Cinema 4D Designer & Multi-Computer Program Tester. Without her Daniel would not be able to cope. lol. ;D

Caricature of "Beth Moore"

Here's a Beth Moore Caricature I did the other day.
I've been doing a 'Bible-Study' at the Ladies Ministry at my Church.
It's been really good. This lady is really funny, but at the same time,
she speaks the truth!

I think EVERY Ladies Ministry should have this teaching in their church. I've learned soooo much! I highly recommend it in a big way. It's NOT a 'man-bashing-teaching' & it's NOT a 'feminist-teaching' either.. it's straight-up biblical. The good stuff! :)

Her Website:


Below is a Clip from her bible study on Esther, entitled "It's Tough Being a Woman". which I highly recommend!

Barbara Cameron's "A Full House of Growing Pains"

Here's a quick caricature I drew of Barbara Cameron
(Her birthday just passed June 8th & so I gave her this as a gift)

If you haven't read this book, "A Full House of Growing Pains" you are missing out! Barbara Cameron, (who is the mother of 4 - the "The little Growing Pain - Kirk Cameron" & also of Candace Cameron from tv show, "Full House", as well as Bridgette & Melissa Cameron) pours her heart out in this story about all her own personal trials she dealt with in her life. The good & the bad. She was very brave to have been so honest.

It was of great delight to me.. I was very grateful... and ashamed I didn't read it sooner! It takes me a while sometimes to get to the books I have sitting on my shelf! lol. It was so difficult putting the book down. I just wanted to continue to read on. This book will make you cry & laugh feeling every bit of emotional experience. It's given me a sort of relief to realize I'm not the only female in the world who has so many clusters of emotional thoughts running through my mind constantly. lol. ♥

Click to Her Website -->

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Nick Vujicic - Life Without Limbs

Justin Peters Caricature

I redrew Justin as promised a while back ago. lol. The other one of just his face.. was a bit boring.. so I made him a proper face & body caricature. :) I was trying not to lose the likeness of him.. cause I wanted to give him an expression of 'questioning'. Anyways, for those of you who have never heard of Justin.. His ministry focuses on how to Discern between 'God's Biblical Truth' vs. 'Straight-up Heresy'.Really he helps you to seek the truth by actually READING & VERIFYING scripture WITH scripture within the bible.. instead of sole taking someone's word for it just by listening to a pastor preach or a teacher teach. God clearly warns us to be alarmed, especially in the last days. He points to the Bereans who studied (not just read) the scriptures daily.

"Now the Bereans were of more noble character..., for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. (Acts 17:11)

(v. 12 Therefore many of them believed;) 'Be Like The Bereans'