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Monday, March 25, 2013

Wellington Village - Caricature Gig

Here's a few pics I thought I'd share from a gig I drew at 2 days ago. Sadly, I was only able to take a few pictures of my work due to the HIGH demand of people that were there. The Line I had of people wanting to get drawn was so giant. But at least I was able to take a few. 
(Above Pic): This was the sign for the event.
(Above Pic): Here's a Dirt-Biker kid
(Above Pic): And a 'Surfin Kid'
(Above Pic): Here were two 'Basketball Pros' on the same. I thought the kid on the
right was so funny. I love how his eyes dissappeared when he smiled. 

(Above Pic): Yaay, that's me - Sketch Artist in blue. Of course the place paid me.. 
but it was free for the people walking around. :)

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