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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not Being Anti-Social! lol.

For the 2 people that read my blog once a year... (ha-ha) I'm NOT being anti-social.. as this t-shirt I found online.. displays. but I'll be blogging real soon. I'm going to be ramping up on caricatures again soon! The Book illustrations I've been working on are coming to a pause for a while.. and I'm so grateful! :D I don't want to FORGET how to draw fast! And drawing on the computer can sort of force you to do that!

Though I do LOVE the "CNTL+Z" undo button a whole lot.. I'd rather teach myself not to depend on that crutch so much! The other day when I was trying to sketch.. My brain kept telling my fingers to press the control z buttons that didn't exist. It was little weird, sad & funny all at the same time!
So anyhow.. I've got like 2 weeks or so of work left to do.. cause I put a few outside jobs on hold while I was doing the "Father's Blessing Illustrations". So gratefully, I'll be getting back into the groove of things once again, Lord willing.

For the meantime... I thought I'd share a post of what I posted on my other blog a second ago. I still have to check all my emails still. See what all the fuss is about on Facebook.. (for some reason I got a bunch of messages over there) and then, hmm... oh.. I've gotta go draw too.. and send my work off!

okay.. so yeah.. hope you all are doing well!
You know.. I may change the way this blog looks again too. hee-hee.. I'm so indecisive at times!

Blessings to You All!

Monday, August 03, 2009

An Oldie

Because I've been so busy & working so much.. (filling up my cpu. with the illustrations for books) I had to clean out my cpu. & make room for all my work.

While I was doing so, I came across this oldie. I'm guessing the reason I never posted it was because it's not so good. LOL. The Hockey Stick looks broken near the boy's hands. Also the forehead should be just a bit more exposed. The eyes look very genaric as well. The hair could be darker as well... or maybe the parent wanted it to be lighter. Sometimes those parents are very picky with the way they want you to draw their children. lol. Other then all those things.. it looks alright. OH! and maybe I wasn't done.. cause his arms have no flesh color to it.