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Sunday, August 31, 2008

What an honor. :o)

okay.. I don't know if anyone heard.. (I've only told about 2 of you) but recently about 2 weeks ago, after I lost my job.. and received some freelance work online, "Ray Comfort" contacted me from "W.O.T.M", & asked if I could do some work on a new gospel tract for the ministry. I felt it was an enormous honor to do so. I'm not sure if anyone's heard of the older "Celebrity Intelligence Test" If you have heard of it or seen it.. I'm now working on a newer version of it. It's really awesome!!! This was due to the recent caricature I did of Ray.. (some friends of mine on myspace... kept trying to send it to their radio station & stuff. They're funny.)

One of the 1st people to contact me, was (believe it or not), Kirk Cameron's Mom, "Barbara Cameron". I met her once before at a "Transformed" event in Georgia.. right before I moved-out here to Australia. That was truly a Transforming event! The title MEANS what it says!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the new "Deeper" conference unless they come out here to Australia. I'm hoping that they will be able to have it available on DVD or something. "Paul Washer", will be there... and I've always wanted to be able to see him preach live. He is so HUMBLE, so DEDICATED & SOLD-OUT to Jesus.. that nothing else matters in comparison. It's rare to meet anyone like that these days.

So.. back to what I was saying.....

I'll be working on that for the next few weeks or more. There are going to be about 6 of them.. & are all going to have that digital-painterly look. Here's a sneak-peek at one of the celebrities. I probably won't show the rest till I'm done. Sorry.. I don't mean to be a tease! lol. I've done an animated gif of it.. so you can see how I worked on it little by little. As you can see.. it takes a lot of time and patience. Which is funny.. cause I just did a caricature gig today ((It was sooo much fun! But unfortunately, I forgot my camera.. sorry!)) and.. well, I had to get back to drawing fast & simple rather than steady & taking my time. What a difference! I guess both ways are great practice to help keep you on your toes. Anyhow it's an honor to do something big for the body of Christ. I know there are many who don't understand that, and think I'm a bit nuts.. but man... I'm telling you, if you could experience the things I've experienced in my life... you'd totally get me.

Friday, August 29, 2008

More to Come.

I'm not posting all of it now... cause #1 I'm a bit tired. #2 One of the projects that I finished can't be posted cause it's being copyrighted by the client.

I'm working on a few fun things at the moment though that I promise to post later.
There's still a lot to go on it.. but I'll probably post it a bit at a time. There's some great news to go along with it too. So stay-tooned! ;)

I also have a couple of caricature gigs I'm going to be doing.. that I may take pictures at.. depending on whether or not I like them. :) We'll just have to see.

Family of 3

These were fun to work on. I had a bit of difficulty trying to capture their small mouths.. and a fellow cc artist, Jimmy gave me a couple of pointers on the kid. His eyes were to spread apart before.. but it gave it a much better look after it was edited. This was all done digitally in Corel Painter with my Intous 3 Wacom Tablet. The client was happy with it.. and that's all that I try for. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

uhh... ah-well. no more new job. lol.

That title pretty much sums it up! The work was actually fun while it lasted. It seems that a few people got released quickly (including me). I personally believe they were just paying for cheap labor while they could. Of course there are politics with every job too.

I felt over worked anyhow. 12-14 hours is just too much for a person like me! In my (before Jesus days), I would have down-talked, gossiped and said a few things about certain people there... but, as a transformed christian.. I've grown up, and I have learned to hold my tongue and love those who persecute people like me despite the circumstances.

So.. anyhow.. that was a overrated-overworked 3 weeks... if I must say so myself. I sort of need a vacation after that. lol!

I have to say in that little time, I learned more about dealing with hardcore-harsh-unbelievers more than I ever have in my entire life. That was quite an experience! I have a couple freelance jobs lined up (and I praise God for it) so that will keep me busy for a while. In the mean time... thanks for the support that many of you have given me through blogger, myspace and email. I appreciate it!

Despite all that happened, (which is quite a long dramatic story) I feel VERY relieved and VERY at peace and honestly VERY happy with all the results believe it or not! :D woo-hoo!!!!

okay.. gotta get to work here at home! I'll be in touch!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Couple of Caricatures

There were more from this group.. but, didn't like them as much. I've gotta few more.. but haven't uploaded them to my computer yet. But.. I'll be posting them soon.. inbetween working like crazy at my new job.

New Job...

okay.. so yeah.. I don't know how many people are keeping up with what I've been doing lately.. but I've been working... like.... A-LOT!!!!

I got this new job as a "technical illustrator / graphic artist" at a place called, Enter-train Interactive. They are in a bit of a crunch-time which equals... no-life for me! :P

I don't mind the work.. it's actually something I enjoy doing.. but, the OVER-working.. isn't so cool. Anyhow... this is a bit of some of the stuff we do. It's all engineering based & my job requires 3d rendering machinery from photos and blueprints all using photoshop. I'd show you some of what I've been working on lately... but at the moment it's not allowed.. I guess. At least... not until the project we're currently working on is done.

So yeah.. I've been working crazy hours like 12-14 hour days. It'll slow down soon in about 3-4 weeks from what I'm hearing.. and then, I can work normal hours again. Possibly even part-time. So that will be good. Here's some stuff from their website.. so you can see some of the stuff that we're sort of dealing with.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Video Clip

This was a video clip taken of me from one of David's nieces. We we're at one of his other nieces wedding receptions. I was just goofin' around pretending like I could dance. lol. :P

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic