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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Stampek Family Update - David, Esly, Kiara, Angel & Snuggles!

okay.. so ever since I had my lovely daughter on the 5th of June.. she has been such a darling. She's also been a handful.. and my life has been overwhelming busy now. This is basically how life has been since she's arrived. lol. She is now nearly walking (without hands) and just turned 9 months old yesterday. 

My dog, "Angel" adores her. My cat, "Snuggles" is petrified of her & her screaming... hee-hee. And David & I are just trying to cope making sure she doesn't put the wrong things in her mouth. She's had 2 teeth since she was 4 months old.. and she is finally getting two of her top teeth very soon! 

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