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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Akiane - Spiritual Young Artist

wow! Ya know.. Each time I hear about these particular children who are being led by the mighty hand of God.. I am always in Awe....
I'm sure most of you have heard about kids such as that little boy, "The Sky Angel Cowboy" being used miraculously and abundantly by God for others. Well, here is another child, Akiane. She has been amazingly blessed with her talent. Check it out. She also has a website you can check out

Photo of Akiane..

Photo of Logan...

and here's Logan's Video.. (just in case you've never seen it)

Friday, September 26, 2008


Yeah.. like I titled it.. these are all old ones I found scattered about in files on my computer... that I MEANT to post but never got around to it! LOL.

I actually don't like many of them too much.. As, I see a ton of flaws in probably the majority of them! ALL THE SMILES LOOK THE SAME TO ME. UGH! I really get annoyed at that.

You live & learn I guess! You can only get better.. as you practice. But, like most artists do about their work... I'm my own worst critic. But I'll share them anyway.

So.. enjoy!

I noticed.. I always make people look happier then they are... hee~hee... I guess it's sort of a trademark I guess. :P

Below.. is another Tim. One cool thing about working with other artists.. is being able to draw them again & again.. but each time in a different way. You can probably find a few others on this blog of him where I drew him completely different.

Everyone's favorite color was blue... including the surfer girl near the end of this post. I love blue too! It's my favorite color. This blue paint (the darker blue in these drawings)is specifically called, Aquamarine Blue. I love it! It's so bright. :)

I should'of drawn this lady on the phone. blah,blah,blah.. For some reason.. girls/ladies always tend to lean on getting a mermaid drawing though. :P

Yeah.. I know I posted it twice. So you could see the kid's eyes in the 1st one better.. and in the second one.. you can see the drawing better. I couldn't decide which to put up.. so I posted them both. I know.. crazy me!

It's so interesting to see how the brightness of colors on your paper as well as your clothing all vary depending on the environment you are in. Florida is such a BRIGHT state! I've noticed that here in Australia.. it's just so dim in comparison. Even THEIR sunshine state here called, "Queensland" has an abundance of dimmer skies then that of Florida's sunshine state.

Sorry this one is such a dark photo.. it was obviously night-time here.

This little girl was soooo absorbed in reading Keelan's (boss from Orlando) "LEARN TO DRAW CARICATURES" book... which you can get @
"Let's Toon Caricatures"
I learned a lot from it when I 1st started. I highly recommend it.. if you want to learn how yourself. :)

Fun british couple! lol. :D

Another view from behind.

okay.. yeah.. this one below of me.. was taken by Tim (my old co-worker) I wasn't posing for this one.. and YES.. that is an EXTREME outfit.. that you would NEVER see me in.. in public OUTSIDE of Disney's Animal Kingdom Themepark! They stuck a gun to my head to convince me to wear this! lol. (I'm totally just kidding) But, for real.. IN ALL HONESTY... if your makin' good dough.. it sorta makes you humble yourself to humility & embarrasment in this case... and in all aspects you somehow become able to wear an outfit like the one below. lol :D

These last two were taken with my phone... so, they're not very good photos. But you get the just of it. Right?

This kid below, Blake.. was a natural animated "bloke" as they would say here in Australia. ;)

This guy was apparently part of a rap group.. called, "Boyz in the Hood". I think he said they were a new rendition of the old group from the late 80's early 90's. I don't know if that was true.. but he wanted his pic taken with me. Weird.. it's usually the other way around. lol.

After lookin' at all of these.. I just have to say.. MANNNNN.. I miss my job!!!! in Florida!!!!! :( When you're working there... it doesn't really feel like that. But when you're without it.. sheesh!!! It just really hits home in your heart.. and ya miss it bunches!!!! I'm totally okay with where I am now.. and believe God has me here for His purposes.. but I'm tellin' ya, it's a killer to the flesh! If you're living for God spiritually, you'll understand what I mean by that. Anyhow... those are my thoughts. I figured I'd post a bunch of stuff.. so you people out there have more to look at to entertain yourself with. Till the next post.. I'll c-ya later! :D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Golden Gals

Yesterday.. I was flicking the channels around... while I was taking a break from doing freelance stuff, I was flicking the channels around & decided to take a stab at drawing the golden ladies. I was totally just messin' around.

Then, I remembered an old co-worker of mine, Ted/Keelan's right hand man & my boss from Orlando, (how he took a drawing of his and colored it on the computer..) So.. that's what I did. I like the look cuz it's as if it's popping off of the paper. It was fun too.

Kids from Flinder's Christian School.

okay.. here's a few black & whites I forgot to post. I can't seme to find the photos of the original subjects.. (sorry 4 that) But.. here are the drawings anyways.