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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Disney's - Name Works

Okay, I know I haven't been around for ages! But there's a mighty good reason for it! I've been working like crazy! And also being a wife & an evangelist full-time. :) So there's rarely time to blog all that much. Anyway back to this post, this is a new trend out at Disney that my old boss, "Keelan" just opened up about a year ago called, "Name Works! "YOUR NAME AS A WORK OF ART!" He has been encouraging me & keeping me posted on the latest that's going on out there.. so I can be ready for action when the time comes for me to move back to my homeland. So, I figured I'd listen & get on the ball with learning how to draw them just in case the Lord leads me to go back & work at Disney again. So I've been learning off of my other colleagues in how to form up these NW things. And my! I've got to say they are a lot of hard-work! Hopefully, if I must move back I'll get the hang of it. These were basically a test for someone who needed some for Christmas.. to see if I could conjure them up somehow. And wah-lah.. here's how they came out. This first one says, "MR. GREENWOOD". I was running out of room with the "O" & "D" at the end.. so I merged the letters into the globe.
For "CHLOE" her Mom wanted all horses.. which is generally a lot more difficult when it's all the same theme. But I managed somehow? ;)
And lastly, we have "MICHAEL" in all robots. Another hard one.. but fun at the same time.

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