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Friday, October 22, 2010

Back to some Caricaturing

My apologies for taking so long to post. I've had a LOT of personal stuff going on over here. All has been good.. but just plain ole' busy.

Here are some of my latest caricatures. I haven't posted any in a while.. cause I was getting so caught up in the 'Digital Illustrations' for Commissions. I was almost starting to forget how to draw the freehand caricatures! :P *zoinks scoob!*

Sorry.. some of these I don't have reference photos of the people.. because.. I'm too busy & also too lazy to load them all up.. lol. So.. only the last ones have reference photos of who I drew.
The next two below were colored digitally.. and the font was done digitally obviously on the 1st one.This one below was cool. They took my drawing & made shirts out of them for their Bachelor & Bachelorette ('Hens Night' in Australia) parties. Yeah... this one below.. was a bit of a strain on my brain. I hate drawing bikes. :P But, I figured out how to make it look somewhat decent.This next one below was of some mentally disabled kids. I tend to find it a challenge to draw them both cute without taking off any likeness. But this was the best I could do. The kid on the very left.. probably has the most deformed facial expression. I did my best to not make him completely different from the rest of the kids.Yes! I could have gotten more creative with these next two.. by actually having them playing in the drawings.. but, with my limited time.. I just didn't. lol. :P