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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Before I headed out.

So, before I headed out to visit home, I had finished up "The Life of Charles Darwin" comic book for Ray. It was fun to work on. I had a blast. I wasn't able to post too much cause I had a lot going on EVERYWHERE! I'll be posting each thing slowly but surely. This is the front page of the comic. You can 'READ' & 'PURCHASE' the entire thing by clicking -----> HERE.<------

It's all full-color & all hand-drawn. The only thing that is digital is the 'text' & the 'color'. There is outrageous controversy over this.. as always with the atheist, when it comes to christianity exposing truth.

“If the world hates you,
you know that it hated Me
before it hated you."
(John 15:18)

So anyway, I've always been exposed to comics for nearly all my life.. but never really got into actually doing it. lol. Nearly all my colleages from back home all draw their own comics like crazy. I'm not putting myself on their level.. but, I've gotta say.. that's a whole LOT of tedious work! But so much fun at the same time! :)