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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photoshop Stuff

This was just me practicin' in photoshop.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ray Comfort Digital Painting

Well, I was messing around with "Corel Painter".. cause, well.. there's no other reason other then the fact that I wanted to do some practice on digital painting. This is just one of Ray Comfort, a christian evangelist I enjoy listening to (for those who don't know). The last time I did a digi-caricature-painting.. was back when I painted, "Lar" (another NCN member).

This is the final version. I noticed later.. I could've made his shoulders smaller... cause he's a little guy & also his forehead wider too... But.. I'm too lazy to go back to it. I wanna paint something else. lol.

This is obviously the photo I used for reference.

I figured I could also show you how I started from scratch. I sketched it a few times before I found the "LIKENESS" then the "SHAPE" that I wanted to use. Finally I "BLOTCHED IN THE COLORS" making it look sort of like a sculpture.. and then.. painted over it with more details like, "softening & blending", adding "DEEPER COLORS" & "DARKER SHADOWS". Then, last.. I just added some shoulders, neck details, shirt/buttons/jacket and scruffy-ness to his face & neck.

Monday, July 14, 2008

WB's Movieworld in Australia

Here's another theme park at the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.

is themed on the "LOONEY TOONS" characters
as well as the "DC COMICS".

This was definitely the BEST ride by far!!!! It's basically the exact same ride that's at all of our Six Flags theme parks in the states.

See Superman.. pushing the coaster?

Batman cars all over the place!

YES.. I caught a glimpse of their prices and a bit of their work too! I kinda have to say... Caricature Connection's Disney Caricatures are not only GREAT PRICES in comparison.. but the artwork EXCEEDS the customer's satisfaction by far!!!

They had the same SHREK ride that is at Universal Studios - Orlando




Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dreamworld in Australia

Here are some photos of Dreamworld in Australia

I LOVE RIDES!!! (woo-hoo!)

This one was TWO rides on two sides. One side threw you backward and up from the direction you were sitting... Then, it just Dropped you face forward toward the ground and then you slid at the end. It was pretty cool! They call it the Big Drop.

The other side was VERY similar to the Tower of Terror at Disney World. They even named it, "Tower of Terror". What a rip-off! lol!

Then.. they had a Nickelodeon section too! But.. I'm only posting 1 pic of that. I have waaaay too many!

They had lots of animals there too!

This is a RED Kangaroo. They'll tear a person apart! This one was behind a fence.

These aren't just dogs.. they're Australian Dingos!!! They're very viscious if they are loose! Even though they look so adorable sitting there.

These Kangaroos were sooooo SOFT! Like kittens! :D

SeaWorld in Australia

These are a few shots from Seaworld.


Gold Coast, Queensland - Australia

David's Goofy Face...
View of our drive...
Some Tunnel on the way. (It sort of reminded me of the Lincoln Tunnel in New York.
This building had such cool architecture - that I took a photo of it.
This is where we stayed. It was so relaxing!

Our Patio View...

This is the SeaWorld in Australia